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Научно-практически интернет конференции – юли и август 2023 Dniprov Academy of Continuing Education (Dnipro, Ukraine) and Journal „WayScience“

Публикувано от

Scientific Society of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists

of Dniprov Academy of Continuing Education (Dnipro, Ukraine)

and editorial office of International Electronic Scientific and Practical Journal „WayScience“ 

We invite scientists, scientific and pedagogical staff, doctorates, postgraduate students, students

of your educational institution and professionals in their field to take part in:

2nd International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference

„Global Society in Formation of New Security System and World Order“

July 27-28, 2023




5th International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference

„Integration of Education, Science and Business in Modern Environment: Summer Debates“

August 3-4, 2023


Please send paper and author’s information to the journal’s editorial office at wayscience@ukr.net



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WayScience



General requirements:

Size: from 1 to 3 pages. 

Structure of paper:

  1. Title paper in capital letters (font is bold).
  2. Surname and initials of the author (or authors) (bold type), degree, title, position (optional, ID (orcid, phone number and email address for correspondence), institution’s name (place of work) (normal font).
  3. Main text.
  4. References (if it is necessary).

Please, if invitations to future events are irrelevant for you, write about it at wayscience@ukr.net


Official letter

Conference 3-4 August

Conference 27-28 July 2023


Sincerely, the organizers of the event.


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