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Покана за стипендията Daniel Carasso 2023!

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The Daniel Carasso Fellowship targets excellent postdoctoral researchers of any nationality and scientific discipline, who are contributing actively to the transition to the sustainability of food systems. The award amount is €160,000 to cover the salary and research activities of the awardees in a Spanish university or research center for a two-year period.

The deadline for submitting proposals is March 10, 2023.

Candidates must be nominated by consolidated researchers (i.e., tenured professor, full professor, tenured scientist or equivalents) from Spanish universities or research centers (public or private non-profit), which could undertake to provide the necessary means to integrate the awardee into a research group. 

You can find further information about this initiative in the rules for call.

The Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso supports projects in France and Spain by providing financial resources and by accompanying a broad diversity of people and projects in two focus areas: Sustainable Food, for universal access to healthy food that is safe for people and ecosystems; and Art & Citizenship, to develop critical thinking and reinforce social bonds.  With the Daniel Carasso Fellowship, the Foundation seeks an opportunity to attract and consolidate research talent in Spain. This program will contribute to develop young researchers’ careers whose contribution is essential for the transition towards a more sustainable food systems and diets. 

For any question don’t hesitate to contact  Pila Martinez at: Pilar.Martinez@fundacioncarasso.org .


За допълнителни въпроси можете да се обръщат към проф. д-р Ангел Ангелов – координатор за България, УХТ, каб. 210, бл. 1, angelov@uft-bio.com


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