Invitation to participate in an international student IT competition


Dear Colleagues!

We invite you and your students to take part in the International competition of student research papers „Black Sea Science 2021“ in the direction of „Information technology, automation and robotics“. The aim of the competition is to expand international relations and attract students to cooperation in scientific research. Participation in the competition is free. The competition is held by the Odessa Technological Academy (ONAFT, Ukraine) in agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. In this direction, projects can be presented in the following areas of science: application of information technologies, automation of various processes, mechatronics, robotics, electromechanics, software development, electronics, Internet of things, applied mathematics, information processing, databases, computer modeling – in short, everything , which refers to the generally accepted term „Industry 4.0“.

Participation in the competition is remote; participants present their works using modern computer applications for teleconferences (for example, ZOOM). To take part in Black Sea Science 2021, students must send a work in English (up to 15 pages) to the organizers by February 1, 2021.

The competition is held for the fourth time, its geography, despite the name, is quite extensive, last year 202 student works from Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus, China, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania, Hungary, USA. The jury of the competition in the field of IT is represented by scientists-specialists from different countries

We invite your university and your students to try their strength at this prestigious technical championship in the field of information technology, automation and robotics.

For information, we send an official invitation, additional information – on the official website of the competition, requirements for participants and works – The languages of the competition are English and Ukrainian, works are submitted in English (up to 15 pages).

To participate in the competition, you must register in advance at and send the competition work in English and information about the authors by 01.02.2021 to (in this case, a confirmation of receipt of the materials will be sent in response).

All materials received and reviewed in the direction „Information Technologies, Automation and Robotics“ will be published in a collection that will be published in ONAFT and displayed in the Academy’s repository (, the best works will be published free of charge in the Central European Researchers Journal (Slovakia, or in the Automation оf Technological and Business Processes magazine (Ukraine, All participants and project managers will receive certificates, the winners – diplomas and valuable prizes (provided by sponsors – IT firms of Ukraine).

If you have any questions, please contact the organizing committee by e-mail

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Best regards,

Sergii Kotlyk,

Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Computer Systems and Technologies „Industry 4.0“ ONAFT (Ukraine)