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VII International scientific and practical conference «Global problems of improving scientific inventions», October 31 – November 03, 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark

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International Science Group

International Science Group invites you to publish your manuscripts in international conference proceedings, journals registered in the EU  and foreign collective monographs.
International Scientific and Practical Conferences
We invite you to publish your abstracts in the proceedings ofVII International scientific and practical conference«Global problems of improving scientific inventions»,October 31 – November 03, 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Acceptance of materials: until October 29 (inclusive)
  • Publication on the website: on the first day of the conference;
  • Each author will receive an electronic certificate;
  • Proceedings will be indexed in CrossRef and OUCI;
  • The proceedings will be published on the BookwireTM website of the US publisher;
  • Each of the conference proceedings is assigned a foreign ISBN and DOI

Scientometric Journal in the EU

We invite you to publish your manuscripts in scientometrics journals.We invite you to publish articles in the following fields:
  • Technical and agricultural sciences;
  • Legal and philosophical sciences;
  • Economics, management, marketing, etc;
  • Education and philological sciences.
The next issue: December 1
Acceptance of manuscripts until November 15 (inclusive)
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  • The frequency of publication is once every two months;
  • Articles indexed in Google Scholar;
  • Free DOI assignment for each article;
  • The articles will be indexed in scientometrics databases;
  • Published in English, Ukrainian and other languages.

Collective and individual monographs

We offer you to publish your materials in a foreign collective monograph. It is also possible to publish an individual monograph or a monograph of your team of authors.Collective monographs are planned in the following fields:
  • Pedagogical and philological sciences;
  • Technical and Agricultural Sciences;
  • Economics and Sociology;
  • Medical, Biological and Psychological Sciences;
  • Law and Philosophy.
Publication date: November 20, 2023.Materials will be accepted until November 05 (inclusive).
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  • The DOI is assigned to each material;
  • Short terms of publication;
  • In case of submitting materials to a collective monograph with a volume of 1.5 printed pages or more, the price will be lower.

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