Technology of Wine and Wine-Based Beverages

Programme objectives

Following the successful experience of the l’Institut Agro Montpellier (France) and UC Davis (USA), this programme was developed in cooperation with the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) as a pilot project within the framework of the procedure for attribution of the OIV Certificate of conformity. The programme complies with the OIV resolutions for training programmes of oenologists.

In accordance with the Grape-to-Glass approach, the programme will enable the students to actively participate in the vineyard design and agronomic management, to evaluate grape maturity for harvesting, to control all winemaking processes, stabilization treatments and packaging. The programme aims also to enable the oenologists to formulate recommendations in the field of marketing and commercialization, to be aware of legislation in the wine sector, to take responsibility for quality management, to ensure traceability, as well as to manage the strategies for the economic, environmental and social sustainability.

This programme will benefit from the cooperation of the UFT-Plovdiv with the Institute of Viticulture and Oenology (Pleven, Bulgaria), as well as universities from Italy, France, Germany etc.

Programme content

SUBJECT AREA and Subjects


  • Ampelography (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Canopy management (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Technics of vine cultivation (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Agroecology and climate change (60 hours/6 credits)


  • Fundamentals of winemaking (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Winemaking (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Technology of sparkling and special wines (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Microbiology of wine (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Composition and evolution of wine (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Treatment and stabilization of wine (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Technology of distillates and high-alcohol beverages (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Sensory analysis (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Wine analysis (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Oenological engineering (60 hours/6 credits)


  • Wine regulations (45 hours/3 credits)
  • Wine business management (45 hours/3 credits)
  • Wine marketing and communications (45 hours/3 credits)
  • Wine tourism (45 hours/3 credits)


  • Quality management in the wine supply chain (45 hours/3 credits)
  • Hygiene and beverage safety (60 hours/6 credits)
  • Sustainable wine systems (45 hours/3 credits)


  • Technology project (30 hours/2 credits
  • Scientific research work with students (60 hours/2 credits)
  • Pre-graduation Internship: 2 weeks (60 hours/2 credits)


A Bachelor’s degree in the field of food science and technology, biotechnology, chemistry, biology, agribusiness or equivalent. English Level B1.


Prof. Georgi Kostov, DSc.

Programme coordinator

+359 32 603749

Mina Nestorova

Students Coordinator

+359 32 603 892

+359 32 603 893